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Commit Author Message Date
aaed260Ted WoodAdd ping command2017-12-20T15:22:55-05:00
5feb6c3Ted WoodFix docs2017-09-15T11:04:46-04:00
45ec5efTed WoodAdd Apache 2.0 License Files and Headers2017-09-15T10:52:13-04:00
ac6b72aTed WoodAdd bitly shortener2017-09-15T09:56:42-04:00
db68366Ted Woodfix value formatting2017-09-15T09:00:07-04:00
193b5c9Ted Woodreally remove mention this time :)2017-09-15T08:59:28-04:00
9e2523bTed WoodNo longer need note about godep2017-09-15T08:59:03-04:00
2bf671bTed WoodAdd makefile, related docs and update gitignore2017-09-15T08:57:45-04:00
c5f3bfdTed Woodbetter build instructions2017-09-14T22:13:53-04:00
5a2f3f5Ted Woodfix default values2017-09-14T20:59:04-04:00
d75cef2Ted WoodFirst working URL parser and listener2017-09-14T20:50:17-04:00
e57823aTed WoodSetting up constants until config supported2017-09-14T18:17:59-04:00
a117d9aTed WoodAdd run docs2017-09-14T18:11:38-04:00
6a815d5Ted Woodvendor deps and add build docs2017-09-14T18:08:40-04:00
1dd7b1bTed Woodfirst connect attempts2017-09-14T15:49:07-04:00
da2fe99Ted WoodTitle parsing2017-09-14T15:32:15-04:00